Well…here it is.  Eighteen days into the New Year, and I feel I’ve already blown it!  I resolved to change my ways, be more kind and forgiving, etc….etc…etc…and keep my big mouth shut!  ….  My language is not always up to par, and many times, I’m afraid “I fly off the handle when I’m full of bologna”!  For those of you that know me well…keeping my thoughts in check  is NOT an easy task for me!  I think it…and there it is…served up on a plate…straight in your face!

So…here I am again, kneeling before my Father in heaven, asking Him to help me….feeling like He sometimes stands there, shaking His head and thinking, “Here she is again.  Will this girl ever learn?”

My heart is sad, knowing that I’ve failed once again to be what He wants me to be.   I reach into my Promise Box, whispering a prayer, asking God to give me just what I need for today.  And lo and behold…just look  what God put in my hand….

“Turn unto the Lord, your God:  for He is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and of great kindness.”  -Joel 2:13

Maybe you’re like me.  Your intentions are good, but your flesh is weak.  You’re impetuous…quick to act…do it now…say it now…and think about it later kind of person.  We need God’s help.  He CAN and WILL transform us if we just turn to Him and ask for forgiveness and allow Him to change us.

I’m ready to start over.  It doesn’t matter what I did a moment ago…it only matters what I do in THIS moment, and in the moments that follow…

Help me do what is right, Lord!