I’ve been thinking a lot about these words I receive from time to time.  I know they are from God…because they come from out of nowhere, and cause a real impact on my life when I choose to listen to them.

Then, I began to wonder if they were just for me….  Or was I supposed to somehow share them?

I believe that words from God are NOT just for the initial hearer!  You see, there are many folks out there who can’t hear words from God because they don’t KNOW Him in a personal way, and the god of this world…Satan, has blinded  their eyes and made them deaf to the things that God Almighty has for them.  They don’t want to listen to God…but they may listen to you!

Believers in this day and age are to be like the prophets of old…we ARE the mouthpiece of God Almighty!  And let me add…we are not only to “talk the talk”…we are to “walk the walk!”  Sometimes, the only Bible that folks will read, will be YOU.  Not just what you say… but what you do accordingly with what you say –that’s what makes the difference.

When God shows you something…when He  puts a thought, a word, an idea into your heart that clarifies all of the stuff you’re going through–you need to share those thoughts…those words…those  ideas  with others around you.  They may be experiencing the same things and this sharing, this caring, will be the very thing they need to hear.

I don’t believe God causes bad things to come upon us in this life, but I do KNOW he uses those bad things we go through to help others that are in the same situation.  We have empathy when we’ve experienced things, and we are able to truly identify with those now in need.  We understand.

Sometimes, we don’t want to share the “ugly” scenes from our past because everyone in our present life thinks we’re perfect…innocent…pure; and, we don’t want to blur that picture, that image of ourselves to them.  So, we keep quiet.  Hold it in.  Pretend to be all the things they think we are.  But…we are lying to ourselves, and to them!

It’s time to share all the “messages” God lays upon your heart!  Don’t be ashamed of your past!  You don’t live there anymore!  You of all people know,  that if He can deliver YOU…then He can deliver anyone!