Our pastor was preaching on Nehemiah 3 this past Sunday.  He was talking about how the walls in that passage = the church, and the gates = the ministries in the church.

The gates were made of wood, bronze, and copper.  The wood = human effort.  The bronze = strength.  And the copper = pliability.  This is a picture of us in our ministry.

The Sheep Gate is the gate of Salvation.  See Psalm 118:19-20

The word “Hananeel” was a tower that was built for the Watchmen of the day.  They stood in these towers, and guarded the gates to the city and sounded the warning cry if the enemy was approaching.  The word, “Hananeel”,  means Grace, or gift of God.  EVERYONE has a call on their life that is connected with a gift from God Almighty!  ALL Believers are to be Watchmen.  We are to warn folks of the approaching enemy!  One modern-day name for Watchmen would be intercessors.  Another would be, witnesses.

In the above passage, we see that Eliashib built the Sheep Gate.  His name means “God of conversion.”

In the previous passage -chapter 2, we see that there was opposition to the rebuilding of the wall by a man named Sanballat.  His name means “Moon God” , and is translated as Sin, in the ancient Mesopotamian language.  King Artaxerxes sends Nehemiah to Jerusalem to rebuild the wall—Sanballat and others oppose Nehemiah in rebuilding the walls and gates of Jerusalem.

My point for sharing all this?

When we as Believers try to be Watchmen…witness, and warn folks of their coming doom…share Salvation…we run into much opposition by the devil,  and SIN!  But we shouldn’t give up!  The KING of Heaven has given us grace and mercy, and endowed us with special gifts to overcome the enemy!

Your ministry is important to God Almighty!  Hang in there!  Use the gifts He has given you to win the lost, and bring them into His Kingdom!


Notes: Wm. Rodriguez