I rose early this morning.  It was still dark outside.  I stood at my front window that faces the eastern sky and watched the light of dawn spread its colors from end to end.

Then I heard God speak.  While he painted the sky, His words painted a picture in my heart.  This is what I heard…


The veil of sin lay stretched before me

The night was deep, and dark, and long

But then the Light of Mercy found me–

No longer blind…on my way Home!


The Light broke forth upon the darkness

It lit my way to paths unseen

It showed the road to life eternal

Dispelled my doubts, and washed me clean!


This glorious Light, His name is Jesus!

He shines His love on folks like me;

His grace and mercy–they surround me

He came to die, so I’d be free!


Oh glorious Light of His salvation…

No more in darkness will I be.

His love and mercy is a beacon;

No longer blind!  Now I can see!

Anita Mondragon January 6, 2018