T. F. Thompson of Hard Times Ministries,  had a post on his blog entitled, Bring in the bad guys (the dark forces of the earth)  There, he spoke about the ‘hidden’…’subtle’ things of this world that are evil and not of God.  Things like, disease, germs, microbial parasites, and the like.  His post made me recall a poem I wrote a few years back called, “Believe!”  

Sometimes, we allow the beliefs we have about ourselves to influence us.  Many of these beliefs come from what we’ve been told all our lives; ….”You’re worthless!”  “Loser!”  “No good…never will amount to anything!”  If these words are allowed to grow in our hearts, they will bear fruit that is evil!  Take a look at the following poem.


They saw me down, and out.  They knew my state of mind.

So they charged me like a pack of wolves,  My way, I could not find.

They whispered things to me,  Their words were quiet, but clear;

I heard Confusion, Madness, Suicide, ring loud inside my ear!

They came to me one by one, and sometimes in a group;

But they were one in purpose, there to beguile, destroy, and dupe.

Anger was the first to come, with Hatred close behind,

Bitterness was at his heels, seeking entrance to my mind.

Then Jealously came on the scene, along with Loneliness…

They made me feel Inferior, as they whispered, “Worthless!”

Then Addiction raised his ugly head, and offered me a fix…

While Deceit stood by and whispered, “There isn’t any risk!”

Then our of nowhere,  Lust showed up to offer sympathy!

Why!  He was so enchanting!  He even brought his friends along…

Their names were Aids, and STD.

Disease stood outside the door, waiting for his chance;

The thought of taking up new residence, made him begin to dance!

They rallied all around me, as they saw me growing weak,

Then Fear showed up, and with persuasion, he began to speak.

His words were strong,  His voice was clear, as he spoke Doubt into my ear!

The longer I listened, the more I believed…and seeds of Despair were then conceived!

I fell to my knees, and began to weep, but the heaven’s were silent, while God seemed to sleep!

Then Condemnation rushed right in, and began to remind me of all my Sin.

He laughed out loud as he said to me,  “You’ll always be bound!  HA!  You’ll NEVER be free!”

Then Fret and Worry saw their chance, so into the room, they began to prance.

They ran in haste, and pounced on me, while they spread their gloom, and laughed with glee!

I wept in despair, as I groped in the dark, needing guidance from the Lord, My God;

But His back was turned, and His face was hidden and there was no sound…only silence from God.

Intimidation thought he’d found his place, and with boastful arrogance, made his case.

He pointed his long accusing finger at me, as I cowered in Shame, and he made his decree.

I laid there Broken, almost Lifeless… and the only sound heard, was the deafening quietness!

I was at the end!  I could fight no more!  ….  That’s when Defeat walked through the door.

I cried out again…but in FAITH this time, as I knelt on bended knee.

That was when I realized, Defeat had no effect on me!

But all the demons in the room, were as terrified as he!

Shrieks and wails were on the rise as Defeat began to tell them of their soon-to-be demise!

She’s called in FAITH…so we can’t stay!  We have to leave!  HE”S on His way!

The room was cleared in a flash and a flurry….  They all seemed to be in a real big hurry!

And once again, I was left alone…but it seemed different this time;

The Peace and Quiet inside that room was almost tangible, surreal, sublime!

Then, soft and quiet, I heard a voice, call through the foggy haze.

It brought me to my senses, I was no longer dazed.

He said, “Come to Me, and I will give you rest!”

Then my trembling hand reached out to receive this lovely Guest.

Yes!  He saw me down and out, and knew my state of mind,

So He picked me up, and healed me…this Deliverer, Oh, so kind!

Now, as for that pack of hungry wolves….  I’ve learned how to make them leave;

See…I call out to God in FAITH…and then, I just BELIEVE!!

-Anita Mondragon published 2009