Well…here it is!  That time of year again.  The time when commercials flood the main stream media like never before!

Car commercials showing ‘End of the year’ best deals for 2017…Gym memberships offering low prices if you join before 2018…the housing market boasting low-interest rates, urging folks to BUY NOW! while low rates are still holding.  Everyone in marketing putting across the idea that ‘these present good times of prosperity won’t last forever…so do it now…get in on the best deal ever!’

I want to tell you about a “Deal” that has been available for over 2,000 years.  It’s absolutely FREE to you!  It has a life time guarantee, and an eternal guarantee!  It’s called, Salvation.  If life were a Monopoly game, Salvation would be your “get out of jail (hell) free card.

I don’t mean to sound trite or demean the importance of Salvation.  I’m trying to put it in the simplest language so that all can understand!  Salvation IS your life-line…now, and in the hereafter!

You see, Jesus died on the Cross to save us from our sins.  He paid our debt in full!  All we must do is accept His gift, and we will be saved from eternal damnation.  He will also give us an abundant life while we are here on earth.  We will have peace, joy, and hope…even in our darkest times.  He will provide for us.  He will protect us.  We can give all our cares to Him, and He will see us through!

Salvation is FREE to us, if we will just accept Him as our Savior; and…we get all of the above ‘perks’ as well!  There is no time limit…as long as you’re breathing, there is time to accept His gift.  But, why wait?  Why not accept His gift now?

Now I’d say that’s the BEST DEAL EVER!!


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