Have you ever had a friend, or someone who you loved and cared about so much?  Someone that was so important in your life…someone that was on your mind constantly?

You think about them every waking moment…and sometimes in your dreams.  You can’t wait for their birthday, or the holidays to come…just so you can give them a special gift!

You know this person well; you know their deepest desires, and recognize their needs.  So, you start your search for the ‘perfect gift’.  Maybe, you don’t wait until you see that special day approaching to look for the gift; perhaps you know from the very beginning just what you will give them!

You watch them as they go from day-to-day, looking for something to satisfy their deepest longing.  When they call or stop by to see you, you can hear things in their speech…things that tell you what they are hoping for…searching for…yearning for.   And as you listen, you KNOW in your heart that the gift you chose for them is exactly what they are wanting and needing!  Your own excitement grows as you listen.  Now you are as hopeful for that day to arrive as they are!

That’s what occurred in a land far away, long before time ever was.

Our Father in heaven saw what mankind wanted…needed to fulfill all their hopes and dreams.  He loved and cared about you so much, that he gave His “Perfect Gift”.  He knew you while you were still in your mother’s womb.  He knows and understands your deepest desires, and recognizes your needs.  He KNEW from the very beginning just what He would freely give you!

He watches you from day-to-day as you search for something to satisfy your longings.  When things get really bad in your life, and troubles seem to be heaped upon you…when you finally call on Him in prayer, or stop by a church to see Him, He listens to your heart utter the words that your mouth can’t seem to find.  He knows you’re hoping, searching, yearning…hungry for something to satisfy your needs.  He KNOWS that the gift He chose for you from the beginning is exactly what you need!  His excitement grows as He listens.  He can’t wait for that day to arrive when you finally accept that Wonderful Gift He has for you!

You may ask…”What IS the gift that God has for me?”

This is it….

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His Only Begotten Son, (Jesus)  that whosoever (anyone) that  believes in Him (Jesus)  will have eternal life. -John 3:16

Eternal life in heaven…a place where there is no sadness, no tears, no troubles!

God sent you His gift, wrapped in swaddling clothes, in a manger box.  The wrapping wasn’t shiny and beautiful…but the Gift inside the box was PERFECT!  That little baby named Jesus, came to die for your sins!  Accept Him!  Hold Him close to your breast!  Let Him enter your heart!  He WILL satisfy all your desires!  Let Him in…


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