There were so many good things said at church yesterday!  I will just share a few highlights that I received from the message, and the song service.

Love’s accomplishments

It is BELIEF that produces love!

Where God’s life is, His love will be…you can’t be a Believer and have hate in your heart!

Y.O.L.O.  …You only live once…so do what you want…when you want!  That’s the belief of today; but when our life is over, we will stand before God and be judged.

The love that God gives, causes us to have confidence in the day of judgement.  That just means that if Jesus sees the activity of Himself in us, we will have no fear of punishment at the Judgement Day; for love casts out fear! 

God is invisible…we can’t see him, but if His love is in us, we make Him visible to those around us. When His love is perfected in us…it will be expressed!  We all express ourselves, either in a good way, or a bad way.  Remember that old song…”EXPRESS YOURSELF!” ?    How many of us “express ourselves” when someone cuts us off on the highway?  ….Or maybe when they jump in front of us at the store?  You can feel the anger, and hear the expletives expressed then!  But Jesus wants the activity of Himself to be seen in us!  If we love God, we MUST love our neighbors as well!

In the Bible we read of a time when God was silent for 400 years.  The people of Israel were in bondage, and God was silent to their pleas…their prayers.  Sometimes, we feel when we are going through something, that He is silent, and does not hear us….  Silence…only crickets!  But in that song, O Holy Night!,  it says, “A thrill of hope…the weary world rejoices, for yonder breaks a New and glorious morn…”  WHY was there hope?  Because God sent His Only Son, in love to save mankind!  God’s silence didn’t last forever.  He hears you when you pray!

Hate?  There is no room for hate if Jesus lives inside you!  Show love to those around you…”let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven…” -Matthew 5:16  BE A LIGHT OF GOD’S LOVE TODAY…SHARE JESUS


Wm. Rodriguez, Israel Herrera, anita

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