I’ve been thumbing through one of my dad’s old books that I inherited.  This one is called, Transforming Your Prayer Life -A Seven-week Strategy to a more meaningful relationship with God.  It was written by Dr. Bob Beltz.

Here’s a couple of things to consider as you read the following quotes from Dr. Beltz.  Enjoy…and apply these suggestions! -anita


“Men and women on planet Earth have been given an incredible opportunity.  Through the gift of prayer, these men and women have been invited to appropriate unseen kingdom realities and bring them to bear on earthly situations.”

“We have the privilege and responsibility to pray that heavenly kingdom realities will intervene and influence earthly affairs.”

“Like it or not, you and I are in an epic and lifelong war that affects every area of our lives.  For many, the motto of this war could be ‘What if you were in a war and didn’t even know it?’ “

“The first law of spiritual warfare is that Satan hates you and has a diabolical plan for your life!”

“Building a physical discipline of exercising five days a week will strengthen your heart and prolong your life.  But building a discipline of praying significantly five days a week will actually change your heart and transform the quality of your life!”

Dr. Bob Beltz

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