Here we are…it’s almost Christmas again!  Every year, we watch Christmas movies together, as a family.  It’s fun to  remember other family members that have already passed into glory; my dad for instance.  He LOVED the movie Home Alone!  He and his brothers were so ornery!  I loved to watch this movie with him!  He would laugh so hard!  He throughly enjoyed the antics in this film.

Mike, Joe and I watched it again last night.  I was reminded of the message I got out of it.  Take a look….


Have you ever felt forsaken? …Even by God?  Is there a time in your life, when you’ve felt uncared for…forgotten…even by those who claimed to love you?  Has fear ever gripped your heart, and made you want to run and hide?  Has the devil ever convinced you that he’s the scary monster lurking about, waiting to pounce on you?  Has this fear ever kept you from doing your duty as a Christian?  If so…you are not alone!  We’ve all had a bite out of that apple!

I was reminded of this right before Christmas, as we were watching, “Home Alone.”  I’m sure you have all seen the movie.  Remember when Kevin realizes the robbers are coming back to his house at 9 p.m.?  He knows he is home alone…no adults are present.  He’s done pretty well up until this point…but now he whispers, “Mom! …Where are you???”  Have you ever asked God where He was?  I know I have!  But, we can be sure He is always with us!

The way to get over this feeling of being alone, is to put on the WHOLE armor of God; then when the devil and his imps come knocking and say:  “Open the door…we know you’re in there…and we know you’re all alone!”, you will be able to take up the sword of the Lord, (which is scripture) and stave him off!  Remember when Kevin finally realizes that he has to fight back?  He spends time preparing to thwart the enemy, then…and this is my favorite part of the whole movie! … He stands at the back door, cocks his gun, and declares to himself:  “This is it!  Don’t get scared now!”

If we read The Word, pray and communicate with God, and put our whole trust in Him…we can have that same confidence!

Be sure…the devil is always on the prowl, seeking out a victim.  But trust God!  He said He would NEVER leave us, or forsake us!  You are NOT alone! So next time he (the devil) comes knocking…stand at the door of your heart, recognize that you are in for a fight…but you’re not alone, get your SWORD ready… then declare to yourself and God that you trust HIM implicitly!


By:  Anita Mondragon

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