At church, we have been doing a series called, The Star.  Yesterday’s sermon was on Peace.  It reminded me of a poem I wrote a few years back.

If you search the Scriptures, you will see that God’s Word has much to say about peace!

There were three points to the sermon.  Take a look….

  1.  PEACE IN THE MIDST OF YOUR STORM….  Remember this:  “Peace is not the absence of trouble, but it is the Presence of God!-Mark 4:35-41

     2.  PRINCE OF PEACE….  You must align yourself with the source of your Peace, which is God Almighty! -Psalm 46:10

    3.  PEACE FOR THE WORLD….  The peace of God is too great to be restrained by the limits of this world! – Phil. 4:6-7

I share my poem with you now…

When on life’s stormy ocean,
My ship’s tossed to and fro,

While sinking fast and drowning,
HE reminds me where to go.

Down on my knees I fall,
And there, His power is made real…

When The Captain comes on board,
And whispers to me, “Peace…be still!”

The tempest raged before me,
And my ship rocked back and forth;

I felt I was alone…
And that my vessel had no worth.

But then, The Captain stepped on board
And held me close until,

I heard Him in His still small voice,
Whisper, “Peace… be still!”

There was nothing loud within His voice…
Just quiet authority;

Yet the winds and waves obeyed His will,
When He whispered, “Peace…be still!”

He quieted the storm around me
From the consequence of sin.

The tempest calmed before me…
It was smooth sailing once again.

Now my days are filled with singing…
And I KNOW His peace is real;

For in my storm, He stepped on board
And whispered, “Peace…be still!

Written by: Anita Mondragon, published 2009

May God’s peace be with you today, and always! -anita


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