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The Reformation movement, which celebrates its 500th anniversary this year, was launched out of Martin Luther’s commitment to sola scriptura—the principle that the Bible is the final, infallible authority on life and doctrine. As Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr. puts it in an article he penned on this topic: “When Scripture speaks, God speaks.”

As Christians, let there be no uncertainty about the fact that the Bible and its contents are under attack, even by sources within the church. But, there’s nothing new about that fact. Such attacks have existed virtually since the Bible was accepted as canon by the church. Dr. Mohler has spoken extensively on the subject of postmodernism and its corollary topic of relative truth, i.e., there really is no absolute truth. In effect, truth is what I say it is! “…postmodernists are committed to total war on truth itself, a deconstructionist project bent on the casting down of all religious, philosophical, political, and cultural authorities,” he says. Needless to say, the Bible with its claims to truth from God Himself, is a favorite target of the postmodern movement. This movement attempts to tie everything to a scientific model of rationality; in essence, unless I can observe something with my five senses, I won’t accept it as true. Clearly, this obviates the Bible with its aspects founded on the supernatural and upon a God who is not subject to the physical world (that He created, mind you!).

Dr. Mohler states that the only way to escape the rationalist claims of the modernist movement is to cling to the truths, the doctrines, of the Bible: “God has spoken to us in a reasonable way, in a language we can understand…which is His gracious disclosure of Himself.”

In my view, unless we have an objective source of truth, i.e., God’s own word, we’re all just playing with words and wallowing in our own, personal priorities. Mohler puts it this way: “Without the authority of Scripture, our theological convictions are merely conjectures and our preaching becomes nothing more than a display of human folly.” I, for one, have no desire whatsoever to put my eternal wellbeing in the hands of those who make up truth as they see fit (usually for their own selfish designs).

As Christians face continual opposition from both proponents of false gospels and from the culture at large, Dr. Mohler counsels us to protest. To hold high the banner of truth that is the basis for the Protestant Reformation. “We must not fail in seeing Scripture rightly proclaimed, the church built up, and the message of the gospel reach every corner of the earth,” he says. As modern-day beneficiaries of the great work of the Reformers, we have a duty to continue to press on with God’s truth as contained in the pages of Holy Scripture. I don’t know what this battle to sustain God’s truth will look like over the coming years, but I know the church will prevail: Jesus said “I will build my church; and the gates of Hell shall not overpower it.” [MT 16:18]

As long as Christians seek truth from God’s own words, the Reformation and its tenets will continue on and its purposes will be successful. You and I are examples of that very success! Praise the Lord!

-Lee Pierce


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