Here’s a good one from our own Lee Pierce!  Enjoy! -anita


We live in an age of constant information overload—a person can’t begin to read and assimilate all the words, ideas and notions swirling around us. It’s important that we learn to read carefully and discern what’s important to us, all the while considering the sources. 

   Sometimes, many people take in ideas from this vast storm of information that are improperly developed (sometimes under-developed on purpose!) or even untruthful.

   One source of information available to us that can always be considered truthful is the Word of God. We have access to the Scriptures – and helpful explanatory commentaries—more so than any other people of any prior age. That’s the good news (pun intended!). The bad news is that we still can misinterpret what Scripture has to say if we’re not careful.

   One biblical concept that most people have heard and astutely believe in is the notion that God is love [I John 4:8]. How else can a discerning mind view the fact that  the God of Glory sent His son to live among us and, ultimately, to die for us, unless He is unquestionably a god of love? Unless people reject God altogether, they probably are aware of this idea of God and, even more probably, accept this thought of His love quite willingly. So far, so good.

The problem occurs when we then want to filter this truth through the seine of our cultural order. One writer I read put it this way: “When many people hear, ‘God is love,’ they think of a being who makes no demands and who indulges our every desire.” Dr. R.C. Sproul, in his October issue of Tabletalk magazine, noted that the Reformers (men like Luther, Calvin and Swingli) “…stressed the love of God for His people, but they preached a God who makes demands, who expects people to obey Him, and judges them if they do not.” Sproul concludes: “They understood that the gospel is good news only if we first know the bad news…God is perfectly holy and demands perfect obedience.” [Rom 3:23, Mt 5:48]

In our current age and culture, many want to be served rather than serve. We want to be accepted for who we are and usually believe we need not change anything about ourselves. If God loves me, well that’s perfectly great. But, if He wants me to love Him by serving and being obedient to His law, well hold on a minute. That’s not fair, we say in chorus!

The big factor at work here is PRIDE. We’re used to protesting anything that enters our Land of Relative Truth and makes demands on us. To have God set boundaries on us is wholly unacceptable. Why, it’s downright unfair!  Somewhere down deep inside us we may even ask: “What gives Him the right?”  Such is the spirit of one who thinks he is God.

The true Good News is that God does love you. The even greater news is that His own Son died for you so that you can share in His righteousness. All you have to do is accept Him as your Savior and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, live your life in a way that glorifies Him. Pride won’t get you into heaven, but Jesus will!

-Lee Pierce