I just finished reading the following on another blog post called, “Hard Times Ministries”.  This is really good…and something for all Christians to consider.  When things get really hard, some of us just quit serving the Lord…but Jesus NEVER quit!  I’m sure He was exhausted while hanging on the Cross with the weight of sin from the whole world clinging to Him…but He didn’t come down!  He stayed there, and carried out His purpose so that WE could have LIFE!  He did that for me…He did that for you; so…what are we going to do for Him?? -anita


Take a look…

If Jesus were a mere human I can imagine that he would have called it quits a long time ago.

It would be tough:  Can you imagine Christmas without him?

And if he did in fact quit, I wouldn’t blame him.  After all already takes the complete rap for us and we are almost totally ungrateful.  Even at the time on the cross, we weren’t exactly helpful.

And now we hold hands and sing about it and make it all seem like it was just like some wonderful love story where Jesus died for us in such a wonderful way but really:  Jesus died for us in such a really horrible way.

His blood sucked out of him:  his breath measured and labored and agonized and betrayed and wracked with pain.  Yes, his death was most difficult, cruel and horrible.

So Jesus quits and tells us we just have to get another God.  He says that we are disobedient and another god might be happy with our performance, but he isn’t and  neither is the Father.

Jesus Quits.  And Jesus quits because we quit and He is tired of doing it all alone.  He died so that we could follow him and do what he did while he was on earth with us.  We refuse to do it, so He quits.

If Jesus quits then the world is truly lost for now there is no advocate to go before us to the Father. There is no intercessor for when Jesus quits he takes His gift, the Holy Spirit with Him.

And for those of us who believe in the promises of Jesus knows that he promises to be with us even to the end of the earth so this nonsense of quitting is just that.  Nonsense.  Jesus has already overcome the world.

However, I believe we should see our relationship with our friend, Jesus as tenuous as Jesus is Holy and our relationship with him is purely by grace.  For that we should be grateful and willing to toe the line and to obey his commandments, advancing the image of God until his return.  And in that great calling, there is no quitting.  There is only Jesus ahead of us all.

T. F. Thompson