Here’s a good one from our friends at Hard Times Ministries!

What Mr. Thompson has blogged here is absolute truth!  Listen to your Pastor…but LOOK in the Scriptures for yourself!  DON’T BE LAZY!

Take a look….  -anita


Celebrating 500 years of the Protestant Reformation, we now live in an age of instant information in reference to the Bible.

At our fingertips and in a flash we might explore any scripture, Strongs definition or endless myriad of translations.

In yesteryear it was understandable that people were ignorant of the Bible. Whereas most people couldn’t read, and prior to the Reformation, people simply did not have access to the Bible.  When a Bible was available, it was not in a native language, yet we provided in Latin.

None of this is true today.  We can read and examine the Bible even in video or in pure talking versions:  almost any version conceivable.

Since this is the case, then why do we as a whole still look to ‘preachers’ to tell us what the Bible says and mean?

Even Paul encouraged his listeners to search the scriptures to verify what he said.  To wit, they did NOT have a copy of the New Testament as it didn’t even exist at the time.

In fact, for 1,500 years the church as a whole did NOT possess a bible at all as we know it today.  More or less, it wasn’t until 1611 that the Bible was available to English speaking people and to the masses, thanks to the invention of the printing press.

Yet, we continue to listen to others for what we think we should believe.  And when listening to others, we develop doctrine and creeds:  often, tenets that don’t even exist in the Bible.

Since most Christians refer to the Bible as God’s Word, why then don’t Christians go FIRST to God’s Word?

I am baffled to Christian response and behavior.  We in fact have right of privilege to the Bible to thousands of online and hard copy resources and still depend on others to tell us what we should understand and believe.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said;  “Make love a crime and we shall lust.” And in keeping with that adage, if we wanted the Christian to read the bible then perhaps it should be made against the law to own a Bible or read one.  In the final analysis for those seeking the truth:  I can read and you too can read the Bible for yourself.

T. F. Thompson

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