I may have already posted this, so please forgive me if that’s the case.  I’ve been thinking a lot about the subject of, “How much room do I make for Jesus; ….  How much time do I spend with Him and His Kingdom duties?”  Sadly, I discovered, that I don’t spend much time at all with Him in comparison to my daily life obligations.

The following poem came to mind as I pondered these things.  I wrote this poem years ago.  As you read it, really think about your own time and how you spend it. -anita


There always seems to be room in life for pleasures, and parties, and fun,

But still, in life, Jesus has no part… there is no room for The Son!

There’s always room for gossip and lies, and dreams of lust and ambition,

But there’s never enough time to search the heart, and notice it’s sad condition.

There is always room for over time, for position and wealth mean much!

But never a spare moment for prayer each day to ask for the Spirit’s sweet touch.

These “things” you’re acquiring, will all soon pass away,

And you’ll stand at Eternity’s Gate.

See…you may find time for Jesus then, ….

But He may say, “IT”S TOO LATE!”

No room…No time in this busy world you pass through;

Someday when you come to the end of it all,

You may find, there’s no room for YOU!

-Anita Mondragon published 2009

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