Recycling is the BIG thing to do now.  Why do we do it? To save the earth…to save the environment of course!

For the dedicated recycler…I’ve seen folks that aren’t homeless, digging in public trash cans located on busy streets, picking out all things recyclable.

For myself, I kind of recycle in a “different” manner.  🙂  For example, when the butter tub is empty, I don’t throw it away…I use it for leftovers or to pack lunch in.  I shop at garage sales, thrift stores, and Craig’s List.  I donate to the Goodwill, and ARC every chance I get.  I give a lot of stuff away for FREE as well.  When we have large trash pick up day in our neighborhood, I cringe when I see and hear good furniture items being destroyed.  These are things, that with a little bit of TLC could be restored to their original beauty, and used for a long time! Seriously, have you ever seen how beautiful antique furniture is when it is restored?  But, instead, things of value are discarded…labled as trash…not fit for use…unfixable…GARBAGE!  What a shame!

I think….  NO!  I’m SURE that God Almighty is BIG on recycling as well!  That’s “why” He sent His Son, Jesus to save us from our sin!  He wants to save the earth!  John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world (mankind), that He gave His ONLY Begotten Son (Jesus), that whosoever (that means you and me) believes on Him, shall not perish (die) but have eternal life.”

Jesus is definitely a dedicated recycler of people!  I’ve seen Him transform alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, homeless, abused, suicidal, educated, uneducated, ordinary folks, rich, poor, middle-class;  People from all walks of life.  ….People that have been labeled by society as  … losers. He found them in the gutter, in back alleys, next to dumpsters, in flop houses; destitute…hopeless…aimlessly wandering through this “life”…merely existing from day-to-day.

KNOW this to be true!  I was one of those people.

Although I was raised in a Christian home, (my dad was a preacher of the Gospel for over 40 years) I knew about Jesus and His love for me…but I only knew it in my head; it hadn’t yet reached my heart to where I really understood what He had done for me on the Cross…and what He still wanted to do in my life!

When you finally get a hold of the above verse, and call on the name of the Lord…ask Him to save you from your sins, take you to heaven when you die…until you have done that, you will never know true peace!

In Isaiah 43:18-19, take a look at what Jesus said…   Remember not the former thingsnor consider the things of old.  Behold, (look) I am doing a new thing;

I really want you to understand this verse, so I’m going to paraphrase.  What He is saying here is this,  “You don’t need to remember how you used to be…I’ve forgotten, and so should you!  Look at what I’m doing NOW in your life!  You are a new creature…old things have passed away….  Look!  Everything now is new!”

Yes!  Jesus believes in recycling!  If you’re tired of being in the trash heap, if your old master, Satan has used you up, and now tossed you away, if you believe you are worthless…COME TO JESUS!  HE WILL MAKE YOU BRAND NEW!  HE WANTS TO RESTORE YOU TO THE ORIGINAL PERSON HE CREATED YOU TO BE!  CALL ON HIM!  HE WILL TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE!