I know sometimes it’s hard to confess your faults…your ‘wrong doings’…your sin; but whether or not we confess our sins, be it to God, or to others…we are all still guilty!

I share this with you now, and ask for your earnest prayers of supplication to God on my behalf.

My mouth gets the better of me…

Every day I promise myself and God that I will do better tomorrow, but for me, tomorrow never seems to come.  I do well for a while, and then I fall.  I think the Apostle Paul called that “our besetting sin.”  I’m not alone in this boat…we all have a besetting sin.

For some of us, it is gossip.  Others have a hard time telling the truth–they feel the need to embellish and exaggerate events…in other words, they lie.  Some of us have a drinking problem.  Maybe smoking is your vice.  Or how about those addicted to drugs?  Then there is lust–I bet some of you can raise your hand to that plague.  Whatever ‘plague’ you have, you can be sure that Satan knows what it is and he will cause you to fall every day!

My point is, whatever “besetting sin” we possess…it does not come from God!  If we are saved, HE ABIDES…LIVES in us.  Every time we sin…we suject Jesus to our foul, evil acts.  Can you see Jesus doing the things we do?  Lying…stealing…cheating…shooting up…drunk in the gutter…swearing and cursing…murder in His heart….   NO!  Neither can I; but we subject His precious spirit to endure such things when we commit these acts!

But…take heart!  Jesus knows the darkest acts of our lives…the ones we did yesterday, the ones we will do today, and even how we will fall short tomorrow.  But He doesn’t turn His back on us in disgust, instead He reaches out to us in all of His kindness and love and reminds us that He can forgive if we but ask!  Max Lucado put it this way, “…from the basin of His grace, He scoops a palm full of mercy and washes away our sins.”

When you fall today, don’t wallow in the condemnation Satan sends your way.  Instead, let Jesus remind you of His grace, and wash you in His mercy!


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