Here’s another poem from one of my daddy’s books.  Hope you enjoy! -anita

This caption accompanied the poem.  Perhaps Ms. Morgan got inspiration from a quote she read.  Marcus Aurelius, Roman emperor in the second century after Christ said this:  “The nature of the universe is the nature of things that are.  Now things that are have kinship with things that are from the beginning.”


I am aware

As I go commonly sweeping the stair

Doing my part of the every day care…


I am aware of the glory that runs

From the core of myself to the core of the suns.

Bound to the stars by invisible chains,

Blaze of eternity now in my veins,

Seeing the rush of ethereal rains

Here in the midst of the everyday air—

I am aware.


I am aware

As I sit quietly here in my chair

Sewing or reading or braiding my hair—

Human and simple my lot and my share…


I am aware of the splendor that ties

All the things of the earth with the things of the skies,

Here in my body the heavenly heat,

Here in my flesh the melodious beat

Of the planets that circle Divinity’s feet.

As I sit silently here in my chair

I am aware.


-Angela Morgan