Here’s one from my book, Personal Poems.  So glad my dad left these wonderful books for me!

The following poem was written about victory in war…but as Believers in Christ, we must know that we too are at war on a daily basis with Satan.  We must “have faith to look with fearless eyes…and see the powers of darkness take their flight…” when we call on the name of Jesus! -anita


The book says….

“The following lines were found upon the body of a slain Australian soldier in the Great War.  The pathetic hope, that from the killing of men, others ‘might see the morning break,’ is but the age-old treachery of justifying inhumanity by humane ends.  Would that we had really seen ‘the morning break.’ “

Might I add….  The only way to really see the morning break, is to find LIFE in Jesus Christ!


Ye that have faith to look with fearless eyes

Beyond the tragedy of a world at strife,

And know that out of death and night shall rise

The dawn of ampler life:

Rejoice, whatever anguish rend the heart,

That God has given you the priceless dower

To live in these great times and have your part

In Freedom’s crowning hour,

That ye may tell your sons who see the light

High in the heavens–their heritage to take–

“I saw the powers of darkness take their flight;

I saw the morning break.”


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