In the Darkness of a lifetime (Do I see the rays of life or death standing at my door?)

I read this…and it was so good I want to share…Take a look! -anita


Have you ever wonderd how we might come across to others by our mere presence when they see us?  While visiting them at their home they may be experiencing the darkness of a lifetime and we fail to know it.

We all know that whenever we hurt that the pain is forever. At least it seems that way to us at the time.

And so then when you come to visit me who am I going to see?  Will you appear as the rays of life to offer me comfort and present to me our Jesus?  Or will your silence grant me death?

As you are standing there, will you be the pauper of Christ the man who saves the world, or the force of darkness that aggravates my pain?

For we are no longer children.  We don’t listen to you by what you say: No.  For we listen to you by what you do.

And what is it that you do?

While the poor souls of this world wrestle with agony, how do we come across to them?  How is it that we stand at their door with the good news of Jesus? Do we present them words upon words, or do we demonstrate the very love of Jesus that he gave to us.

Some of us would probably come across as arrogant, holy monsters. Our image is supposed to be one of our Lord.  Our words probably convict and beat down when our person should be one of Jesus.

Which person within us will loom at that door?  How many of us will even bother to attend to that door at all?  How many of us will remain home?  We say that we have light, yet throw the switch to darkness in our absence.

This is all a tall charge:  we are to preach the good news to the four corners of the earth.  And it continues within our own backyard.

And when I stand there for you I would hope you’d see my hand out to you.  I would hope you could see the love in my heart, the praise for our God in my voice and comfort and patience in my feet.  I would hope you could experience that small part of me that maybe, just maybe represents the Jesus I say that I know.

I would hope that I bring forth light and that the light illuminates over the darkness in your life. And I would pray that the light stays with you for an eternity.

And if I fail at any of these virtues I will only carry back with me even more darkness for it will be clear that I lost you. For it is that radiant sunlight that dwells in you that carries me far into the next day and in that long journey where at some point I’ll stand in the doorway of God’s kingdom.

T. F. Thompson

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