One of our friends, Israel Herrera, made some comments at church yesterday.  I can’t quote him exactly, but I’m going to paraphrase and tell you what I gleaned from his words.

He was making the analogy about our need as Christians to be like a sponge.  He said something to the effect of….

”Have you ever seen a sponge that is just damp in the middle?  It smells musty, and the edges of it are all dry and crusty.  You can’t use it in that condition to clean with, because it isn’t “pliable”.  In that state, it is pretty useless.  That’s how some…perhaps most Christians are in their daily walk with God.”

Then, he went on to say that we need to, “ ask Jesus to “SATURATE” us with His Holy Spirit…make us pliable to His will so that we can be used by God.”

Then Pastor Rodriguez gave the sermon, and his words tied in with what our friend had said earlier.  He said, “There are two things needed from Christians today:

1. Determination

2. Dedication

We need to be bold…but boldness is not enough.  If we only have boldness, we can hurt others with our words and keep them from ever coming to God.  We need to be bold…but righteous in our boldness.

Then he talked about all the folks that God used in the Bible were “busy” folks.  They weren’t lazy or complacent.  They weren’t satisfied with the status quo.  They wanted more…so they were always busy.

The Pastor said, “There is only one type of person that God will never call and can’t use…and that’s a lazy person.”  That person is “unprofitable” to God’s Kingdom!

See Nehemiah 2:1-8

God wants us to have a plan of action.  We need to stop talking about what we would like to get done in the church, and in our service to God…and just do it!  Step out in FAITH!

God is asking us…”What can I do for you?”  But the rest of that thought is that He wants to KNOW, “When are you going to get this done???????”  God wants— W2W Workers or, Wall to Wall Workers.

Then Pastor ended with this quote:


Set goals…ask God what you need from Him…and then, JUST DO IT in faith!


Israel Herrera-Worship Leader-Praise Center Church

Pastor William Rodriguez -Praise Center Church

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