I was sent the following email a couple of weeks back, and wanted to share it.  It’s contents reminded me of a poem I wrote back in 2008.  I’m sure I’ve shared this poem before, but after reading the following email, I thought it bore repeating. -anita


It’s not the gun, any more than money,  that is evil. It’s the love of it, and hoarding it (them) in hopes of forestalling hard times ahead.
We write “In God we trust”, we say, “One nation under God”, we tar and feather folks who don’t wish us “A Merry Christmas” …. yet we fail to pray for God’s protection,  and instead,  insist on bigger and more powerful weapons – just like Kim Jong-Un!
I’m talking about Christians. We follow Christ.  Beware of what your passionate about…. sex, drugs, rock n roll, money or guns.
Unbelievers are not followers of Christ. They follow other things. -Ron Exum
Here is the poem I wrote ….’
Within Your Holy Book, I read
Accounts of miracles and deeds
Wrought by Your hands…
And I believe!
It seems my mind’s able to grasp
The things You did in days long past
And even things done in this present day…
When friends distraught come to me, and ask me if I’ll pray,
–I believe!
I know You turned water into wine,
And parted the Red Sea.
You made the lame to walk again,
And caused the blind to see…
–I do believe!
The deaf could hear,
The mute could speak
When You stretched out Your hand.
And Pharoah let Your people go, because of plagues brought to his land.
–This, I believe!
I pray for those upon death-beds
Whose diagnosis looks quiet grim…
Because I remember Lazarus, and what You did for him!
–Yes!  I believe!
I see the addicts on the street,
I feel their misery and despair.
But I’ve seen countless cured before
Just because YOU care;
–So, I believe!
Some held in bondage by demon powers
-Locked away, who sit for hours,
And scream in torment, and beg for relief
Have called on YOU Jesus, and been set free!
–I do believe!
But, when things get more personal,
And it comes down to me…
I fret and worry, and have my doubts
And I wonder….  Do You see?
I trust You with my eternity,
But…ummm…just not my money;
Because You’re up there, and I’m down here,
And…well, You know…the market’s been kind of funny!
The stocks are up, and then they’re down…
They change from day-to-day;
So, You know that 10% I was gonna give  You??
Well…I’m thinking that’s just gonna have to wait!
After all, You know the rent’s coming up,
And my car payment’s long past due;
They’re about to turn my water off…
And I’m out of groceries too.
That old car You gave me to drive…
It sucks up gas like there ain’t no tomorrow…
So the troubles of this present time, make me forget Your miracles,
And in self-pity, wallow.
But You gently turn my mind
To things in my own past,
And remind me how You intervened,
And acted on my behalf.
Like that bag of change I found for gas…
And all those grocery coupons;
How we lived on hot dogs, mac and cheese, tuna fish, peanut butter…
Instead of chicken, pork chops, steak and prawns.
But we never did go hungry…
Our bellies were always fed;
And we never slept in doorways…
We slept in our warm beds!
You cared for us from day-to-day.
You gave us daily bread.
You kept us from all harm and evil
…You did just what You said!
So, again, with contrite heart
I vow, to give my 10%;
And though things don’t add up on paper…
I know You’ll provide for the rent!
The next time things get bad,
And I begin to worry;
When things get out of hand,
And look all skewed, and blurry…
When I want to hold onto my tithe…
Remind me of Your miracles, Lord,
And let me write the check
Then as I drop it in the offering basket, with my nerves a total wreck…
I’ll cry, “Oh God!  Please help me!  I don’t want to be a thief…
Let me trust in YOU, for I do believe …but, help my unbelief!”
Anita Mondragon -October 2008