BEING A Character, and HAVING Character…what’s the difference?

Do you ever wonder ‘Why?’ some folks cross your path in this life?  I’ve asked myself AND God this question many times…”Why did I ever have to meet _____________? ” (you fill in the blank)  “There is nothing, that I can see in our brief encounter that in any way seems beneficial to me!”

Then I hear God whisper, “You can learn something from everyone I place in your life!  You meeting them was not a coincidence!  You can learn from them, and they can learn from you.  From some, you will learn how you should be…and from the rest, you’ll soon realize how you should never be!”

After pondering His words, and looking back at some of my life experiences, I know He’s right!

Some of the folks I thought I would learn the most beneficial things from because they were educated, well to do, in high places of authority, well-known, etc., those folks turned out to be the people who showed me what to never become.  They were proud, arrogant, stingy, self-absorbed, snobby, unloving, and uncaring.

At the same time,  those that seemed to have little or nothing to offer because of their social status, being uneducated, simple, unrefined, and down-right poor or ‘from the wrong side of the tracks’…these folks turned out to have the most to offer me in the development of good character!  They were humble, down to earth, giving, loving, compassionate, “give you the shirt off their back” sort of people.  Kindness was their main goal in life!

Then I remember the wise words of my grandma K.  She always told me, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!  You never know what valuable information is inside of that book until you open it up…and get familiar with the author!”

She was one of those simple, uneducated farm girls with no clout…but she had character galore! And she was wise!  She was honest, truthful, humble, kind, loving, caring….  In a word, she was good.  I want to be just like her!

So….    Do you just want to be known for being a character?  Or do you want to be known for having character?  

The choice is yours…