Here is a poem by Edwin Markham written in 1852.  The gentle Markham, dean of American poets, pleads for gentleness.  Enjoy! -Anita


Teach me Father, how to go

Softly as the grasses grow;

Hush my soul to meet the shock

Of the wild world as a rock;

But my spirit, prompt with power,

Make as simple as a flower.

Let the dry heart fill its cup,

Like a poppy looking up;

Let life lightly wear her crown,

Like a poppy looking down.
Teach me, Father, how to be

Kind and patient as a tree

Joyfully the crickets coon

Under shady oak at noon;

Beetle, on his mission bent,

Tarries in that cooling tent.

Let me, also, cheer a nook,

Place for friendly bread or book-

Place where passing souls can rest

On the way and be their best.

Edwin Markham -1852

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