I posted this back in September of 2015.  Hope you don’t mind the re-post.  I read a blog post on another site called Hard Times Ministries.  The post  reminded me of my duty to tell everyone I see about Jesus.

The following poem was written from personal experience.  Jesus kept urging me to speak to this elderly man who I saw on a daily basis, on his way to the bus stop.  I unfortunately never did tell him about Jesus…and one day he stopped going to the bus.  I never saw him again.  I often think about him, and hope that someone had the courage to tell him about Jesus before it was too late.  Not telling him will forever be one of my biggest regrets!  If he doesn’t make it to heaven…his blood will be on my hands.

Share Jesus with someone today…some folks may never see tomorrow…they may never have another chance to accept Him as their Savior! -anita



Headed towards the bus stop,

Slowly trudging down the street,

The ball and chain he carries,

Makes him drag his weary feet.

The chains that hold him, can’t be seen…

But surely…he IS bound!

His soul is screaming…crying out…

It’s begging to be found!

He’s put within my path each day;

I’m like a life boat put to sea…

For in life’s waves, he’s tossing…drowning…

Slowly dying…wishing…waiting…hoping to be freed!

What holds me back from witnessing?

I see his future growing bleak!

Why can’t I share the Truth with him?

What stops my words?  Why can’t I speak?

My ship sails next to his

Upon this vast, dark sea of life…

My waters are so calm and clear,

While his, are full of strife!

What makes us different on this sea,

While we all sail towards eternity?

Why am I at peace,

While his ship rocks to and ‘fro?

Why can I praise…

When all he feels is death, despair, and woe?

Lord!  Give me courage…make me strong!

Let me somehow right this wrong!

Give me boldness…let me speak,

Your message of love, so pure and sweet!

Let me proclaim that wonderful name,

That turns despair into song;

For  I know he’s waited for deliverance…

So very, very long!

Remove the storm clouds Lord!

And calm his troubled sea…

Loose the chains that bind his heart,

And set his spirit free!

Use me Lord, to share your love…

For that’s why I have peace!

That’s why my praise goes up to you…

And never seems to cease!

Use me as a life boat Lord…

Upon life’s troubles seas…

Let me rescue dying souls,

And bring them unto thee!

By:  Anita Mondragon 10/15/06

life baot


Here is a poem by Edwin Markham written in 1852.  The gentle Markham, dean of American poets, pleads for gentleness.  Enjoy! -Anita


Teach me Father, how to go

Softly as the grasses grow;

Hush my soul to meet the shock

Of the wild world as a rock;

But my spirit, prompt with power,

Make as simple as a flower.

Let the dry heart fill its cup,

Like a poppy looking up;

Let life lightly wear her crown,

Like a poppy looking down.
Teach me, Father, how to be

Kind and patient as a tree

Joyfully the crickets coon

Under shady oak at noon;

Beetle, on his mission bent,

Tarries in that cooling tent.

Let me, also, cheer a nook,

Place for friendly bread or book-

Place where passing souls can rest

On the way and be their best.

Edwin Markham -1852