Read the Bible, Go to Church, Pray, and…

I read this the other day on one of the blogs I frequent – Those Who Sin Differently. It says it all! Take a look… -anita

Those Who Sin Differently

While talking with a couple of Christian leaders over pizza one day, one of them suggested to my wife and I that, “Some people know more Bible than they will ever use”.  His point – at least, as I understood it – was that continued study of the Bible without doing something about it wasn’t beneficial.

Today, although this is several years removed from that day, I want to offer a couple of things for your consideration:

Do Some People Know Less Bible Than They Need?

As general knowledge about the Bible wanes in some populations (including my own culture), I fear that we have an increasing number of people who do not know more about the Bible than they will use.

Some don’t know about the Bible at all, or only know bits and pieces (but not enough to understand its larger message).  Others may think that they know the…

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One thought on “Read the Bible, Go to Church, Pray, and…

  1. I recently was told by a regular blog reader that what he appreciates about me is the simplicity of my message (and the simplicity of THE message) of Jesus.

    I see great value in this. I think that MOST of the REALLY important stuff we need to know and do is quite simple really. And I would even say that of the complex parts, most of that is complicated by scholarship over time in an somewhat artificial sense.

    I want to temper this notion though. Not all the Bible is simple. Some of it is quite complex. Even Peter says that St Paul writes complex stuff. So, actually complexity is in there.

    I think this needs more than a mere caveat. But, it is not the main part of the story.

    And certainly, I agree that plenty of this stuff is rather simple and accessible IF ONLY we apply ourselves.

    My thought is … DONT BLOW THE SIMPLE PARTS! DONT CREATE SMOKE SCREENS OF COMPLEXITY SO AS TO EXCUSE OURSELVES FOR BLOWING THEM EITHER. There is no excuse for that. And the world desperately needs God’s love, most of which is a simple (even if hard) proposition.

    Thanx for sharing this…


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