I was out at the crack of dawn today, (literally) watering my garden, and had a revelation. Many of you have probably already realized this…but I have never noticed. Let me explain…

As I watered, I noticed that the plants and flowers that were standing alone looked rather bedraggled.  The plants and flowers that were in a pot, or patch were thriving. That’s when it hit me; God made ALL things to have relationships.

Wolves hunt in packs, birds migrate in flocks, fish swim in schools, lions live in prides…and the list goes on.

God made Eve for Adam because it was not good for man to be alone.  That was at the beginning…and it’s still NOT GOOD for men and women to be alone in this world.  We need friends!  We need relationships!

When we isolate ourselves from others, the devil can have a hay-day!  He can wreak havoc in our lives that will end badly if not corrected!

Take a look around….  Homeless folks isolate themselves from mainstream society, those addicted to drugs and alcohol could care less if they have a companion…all they want is a fix or another drink.  Prostitutes have many partners…but there is no connection…no love…no feeling.  Folks that are plagued with depression or thoughts of suicide want to be alone.

Don’t isolate yourselves!  Find fellowship…relationship with Believers!  You will thrive if you have others around you to share your burdens with.  They will encourage you when the devil begins to whisper that “all is lost! ….”  They will remind you that God is still in control, and that prayer still changes things!

God most of all wants a relationship with us!  A personal one.  He’s always there.  He’s always listening.  He sees what is happening in our lives.  All we have to do is call on the name of JESUS….  He is there to help us through any problem.

Notice the word, “through”.  You WILL get through your problem if you let Jesus walk with you!

Call someone…email someone…go next door and visit your neighbor!  Don’t isolate yourself!

Most of all, call on Jesus…He’s waiting 🙂