I was awakened from a deep, peaceful sleep this morning by the mother of all leg cramps!  What had moments before been restful sleep, became utter chaos!

I was looking forward to getting a few extra ‘winks’ since there was no school today…but alas, that was not in the picture!

I finally worked the cramp out by walking…and might I add…by much prayer.  I heard myself calling on Jesus to take the pain away; at that point, I woke my husband up.  So much  for his peaceful rest….

With my leg still aching, but the cramp subsided, I descended the stairs to start the day as sleep was no longer an option.

I went straight to my Promise Box, and told God I really needed His help and protection today.  The promise I drew said this….

“He which has begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.” -Philippians 1:6

I silently read it, and then heard myself say aloud, “Thank God YOU are going to perform a good work in me…’cause You know Lord, I can’t do it by myself!”  Let’s face it…none of us can do anything unless God does it through us!  We can’t even take our next breath unless He orchestrates it!

Take a look at the poem that accompanied the verse…

“Commit all your griefs and ways into His hands, to His sure truth and tender care, Who earth and heaven commands.” -Unknown

Take your hands off the wheel, and let God do the driving today!