I found this on Fat Beggars School of Prophets blog site.  If you go to his site, you can find more of CJ’s prayers to read.  I tried to copy/past them to this blog, but was unable to do so.  You should check it out! I’m sure God smiles when He reads her prayers to Him!  They are indeed precious!  Take a look….  -anita


Agent X said this:

I didn’t think to share CJ’s prayers on the blog, but she gave me one at our worship assembly about a month ago.  It just so happened that on that day, I was carrying a handwritten copy of the Magnificat which I was memorizing.  When CJ gave me her prayer, I reached in my pocket and gave her mine!  We traded prayers like kids trading baseball cards…

I figure this explains why we received a bundle of prayers from her here at Fat Beggars yesterday (however, I am still puzzled over how we received them).

Here is a scan of the one she gave me.  Precious.

Minster C. J.

This is a voice you won’t likely hear anywhere else.