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I was thinking during my prayer time the other day about the relationship of God the Father and Jesus His Son. One of the thoughts that occurred to me was to ask myself the question: how does Jesus communicate with His Father? I don’t know why I get thoughts like these—in the big picture, it doesn’t really matter how Father and Son communicate I suppose. But, for whatever reason, the thought stayed with me and I continue to ponder it.

Bible readers probably know that God spoke/communicated with Adam in the Garden of Eden, and also know that, during the period when the Tower of Babel was being built, the Bible says “everyone on earth spoke the same language….” [Gen 11:1-9]

We know from various scholars of biblical times that there were three main languages in Israel around the time when Jesus was present there: Aramaic, Greek and Hebrew. Based on what I see at the blog on Zondervan’s web site (publisher of Christian and other religious books) [], all three were spoken but most of the common people spoke in Aramaic. Hebrew was more reserved for religious documents, while Greek was spoken more in certain regions or people-groups (as was Latin) but was rejected by many early Jews because of the Hellenistic influence that came with it.

Given that Jesus was concerned to communicate well and educate those around Him, it’s likely He spoke all three languages depending upon the audience. We know from Luke 4:16-30 that He could read and speak Hebrew (the probable language in which that scroll was written). But most of the common people to whom He regularly ministered most probably spoke only in Aramaic (Zondervan’s web site says this regarding literacy in 1st century Palestine: Most scholars propose literacy rates ranging from 10 per-cent on the high end… to less than 3 per-cent on the low end. Even if these figures are low estimates, it’s still likely a majority of people could not read and write, and thus did not know Hebrew.

So, in most cases, with most people, Jesus probably spoke Aramaic. But, when He communicates with His Father, does He speak in Hebrew…or Aramaic…or in some other way? I almost feel foolish asking the question and further, submitting this article to the church’s blog for publication. It’s probably not a topic foremost on most people’s mind. And certainly doesn’t affect any aspect of our walk with the Lord. So why does the question stay in my mind and why share this somewhat insignificant topic with you?

I guess my answer is that I like to think about Jesus in human terms when I pray (while still being fully aware of His divinity). It makes Him more real to me, more personal, more like a friend I can talk to whenever I want to do so. So I wonder about things like how Jesus talks to the other members of the Holy Trinity. Do they have a special language? Do they communicate via telepathy? Because they are three persons but one divine essence, maybe they really have no need to “talk” in the way that we do as humans.

Things like this intrigue me greatly and I honestly look forward to a time in glory that I can sit with Jesus at His feet and ask all the questions that well up within me so often. He is just so incredible, so much God and bigger than life, yet so aware of me and all my little foibles (not to mention my sin) and I believe He still loves me. I believe that with all my heart! I hope you know my Friend, Jesus.

Lee Pierce