And Who Have You Said That I Am

Here’s a good one from Hard Times Ministries. -anita


This identical question was more or less asked by Jesus to the disciples.  At least in great respect, He was finally announced as the Son of the Living God.  As Christians, it is also our task to proclaim the Gospel which is really nothing more than the simple story of Christ who came and conquered our sins on the Cross.

In declaring our Lord, the Christ as the Son of the Living God, we might do this on Sundays while at Church or maybe even at home in our personal prayers.

Where else have we testified in stating who Christ is?

My guess is that probably you have not.  You probably have not said that Christ is a phony or that He does not exist or that the story is a hoax or probably anything else.

My guess is that when it comes to Jesus you are probably like most Christians and leave it up to preachers to say who Jesus is one way or another.

Oh, we say that we are too shy or that we are not versed enough in the scriptures or that we are way too timid.

Either way we don’t say it.  Perhaps even a better answer why we don’t declare our active savior and friend is that we are cowards.  In some respects we are even ashamed of declaring the gospel or Jesus because of fear of what others will think of us.

And if we are ashamed of Him then He is ashamed of us.  No wonder there is so little miracles abounding or beams of lights emitting from Christians.

To the credit of our good, we should be committed in firmly avowing that Christ is the Son of the Living God, that he came to earth as a moral, was crucified for our sins on the cross, was buried and arose again on the third day. After his resurrection, Jesus declared himself to His disciples and then ascended into Heaven where he sits on the throne at the right hand of God.

Sure this is all a mouthful:  All that Jesus is—-he is far more than anyone we could ever really describe.

Yet, when people ask and people deny, we should be quick with our identity to our Lord.  When they ask of whom that he is:  we should be quick>  He is the Christ, the savior of the world

T. F.Thompson