My husband, Mike, is always on the look-out for witty remarks and great quotes with meaning.  He was on Facebook the other evening, and read the following statements to me.

If you’ve already heard/read these…please forgive the repetition.  Even so, they do bear repeating!  Take a look…then take them to heart! -anita


  •  Forbidden fruit makes many jams!
  • Dust on your Bible leads to dirt in your life!
  • If life is a puzzle, ask Jesus…He’ll help you find the missing PEACE!
  • God wants Spiritual fruits…not religious nuts!
  • Need a life guard?  Mine walks on water!
  • Prayer is access to God without ‘roaming fees’!
  • Sin makes a hole in your bucket of joy!
  • Easter is something to dye for…
  • What is missing from Ch  ch? ….  U R!

And my personal favorite…

* ” Will the road you’re on get you to my place?” –  Jesus

Facebook quotes