My good friend, Galyn and I were having a conversation the other day as we prepared for the SWAP.  We both commented that we are tired of satan getting the best of us.  He seems to know when and where to strike to cause the most damage.  When we find ourselves in these situations, he whispers in our ear and tells us that we are losers…victims.

When we got to that part of the conversation, my friend Galyn said, “Yeah…most people walk around with a big V on their forehead and believe the enemy when he says they are victims… losers… but if we KNOW Jesus, we need to remember that the V on our forehead stands for VICTORIOUS! …Not victim!

I said, “Wow!  That’s a good blog subject right there!”  Hence today’s little ‘sermonette’.

We must remember that with Christ in our lives, we are no longer victims, nor losers…we are victorious and liberated!

If satan comes knocking at your door today and begins to whisper the words, ‘victim or loser’ ….  Shout out, and declare, “I AM VICTORIOUS, FOR I HAVE BEEN LIBERATED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS!



  1. I had Ken Burns’ documentary series on WWII playing in the other room and heard a brief interview with a former soldier talking about his first kill.

    This was my reaction:

    Daniel Inouye – a WWII Soldier in the infantry recalls his first kill in the war. He fired his rifle on an enemy soldier as his fellow soldiers watched. When the target fell, his fellow soldiers cheered him.

    He said it was odd that once he did this instead of feeling some remorse for killing a human, he felt pleasure. He had been taught to kill the enemy who was evil.

    All these years later, reflecting on it in the Ken Burns The War documentary, he says that previous to that killing, he had sung in his church choir. He was even a Sunday school teacher. He noted the command: Thou Shalt Not Kill. He knew that command and lived by it previously.

    It was obvious that Inouye faces an inconsistency. He did not seem particularly burdened by it, but he himself was the one to note it.

    I am certain Inouye’s experience at that level is not terribly unique. And that is even more troubling. How do we get this Jesus life so messed up?

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