Have you ever been out watering your garden?  Every flower you meet is thirsty for a drink!  With your fancy nozzle in hand, you begin showering each plant with life-giving water.

Everything is going right…the water is flowing freely.  But…then it happens!  All of a sudden, the flow of water stops!  Nothing is getting through that fancy nozzle.

WHY?  There’s a “kink” in the hose!

You see, the power is still happening at the main source-the faucet.  The problem is not the main source, it’s the conduit-the hose that got twisted.  That happened to me this morning as I was watering my garden.

The Christian Life can be the same way!  One minute, you’re so close in fellowship with God, you feel as though you can almost touch His face!  His Life-giving Water is flowing through you-spilling out on the thirsty souls you encounter.

Then, something happens in your life to twist you all up inside.  It may be health issues, loss of a job, family problems….  At any rate, the “water” stops.  The joy is gone.  Only bitterness, anger and rage are present.

There’s nothing wrong with the Power source.  God is still there in the midst of your troubles.  He’s still pouring out His words of love, peace, joy and blessing; but you can’t hear them now…the anger inside of you is too loud!

The only way to get rid of a kink in the garden hose is to walk back to where you see it twisted, and straighten it out.

The only way to rid yourself of kinks in your troubled life is to go back,  find what it is that’s twisting you all up inside, give it to Jesus-lay it down, walk away (don’t pick it back up!),  and allow HIM to straighten it out!

If you do that, His love joy and peace will once again spill out to those thirsty souls around you, pouring out Life-giving Water, and you, yourself will be refreshed!


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