Change us…Use us!

Sorry I missed doing the blog yesterday.  I was at the SWAP.

Some of you readers who do not attend our church may be asking…”What is the SWAP?”

Well…let me tell you…

All year long, the families in our congregation save all their items they plan on giving to the thrift store.  It could be anything from clothes, to furniture…jewelry, house hold items, shoes, tools electronics, …you name it.  We have it all at the SWAP!

The purpose of the SWAP is to bless those in our congregation with items they could not otherwise afford.  At the SWAP…our motto is “Shop till ya drop!” and it’s all for free.  We also invite those in our community, neighbors, friends, family and really, anyone we see in need to shop for free.

It’s a real blessing to see what God can do with unwanted, slightly used, cast-offs.  Through this, we can see how He can use us…change us to be used for His glory!  I know when I came to the Lord, I was unlovely, unwanted, more than slightly used; but He picked me up, washed me clean with His Blood, put a song in my heart, and a prayer on my lips…He changed me so He could use me!

All I can say is, if you missed it yesterday…you missed a real blessing!  Besides the free shopping spree…Galyn put on a huge feast for all of us to enjoy together.  We had great fellowship and wonderful food!  I think those kinds of dinners are just a glimpse of what our feast in heaven will be like!  I can’t wait!!

Today, there will be a yard sale at her home – 4748 South Owens Way in Littleton Co 80127.  If you’re in the neighborhood…stop by and see what you can find!  All proceeds will go to The Voices of Love ministry in Uganda.  You can check them out on Google.  Awesome ministry!!  Whatever is left will be sent to Africa.

Please help us in our endeavor to enrich the lives of others less fortunate….  It will change you!  Let God use you!