I started to read an article from a magazine called, Beyond Today.  It was the title that caught my eye….


There was a little blurb under the title that got me thinking even more.  It said…

“Man’s existence began with God in a garden.  A garden also awaits in man’s destiny with God.  And a garden experience in between makes it possible…”

WOW!  I’ve never really looked at it in that manner.  But, Mr. Webber is correct!   God put Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden Genesis 2:15.

We will someday join God in paradise if we know Him in a personal way -John 14:2-3;

And…the only thing that makes the future meeting possible is Jesus’ experience in the garden of Gethsemane! -Luke 22:39-44

The purpose of the three gardens?  It’s simple….  God’s desire is to have a close relationship with YOU!  That’s what He wanted in the beginning, and that is still what He wants!  He died to make it possible!  Will you meet Him in the garden of eternity?  He’s waiting, with arms opened wide…



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