I just want to take this opportunity to say “Thank you!” to my dear husband!  He works so hard everyday to provide for us, and I realized I should say thank you to him more often!

Just like today; it is Saturday…his real only day off…and he is out working a gig in the mountains, trying to make more money for his family.  He had to get up early like every other day, get ready, load up the car with sound equipment, drive for 2 hours or more, unload, set up, monitor, tear down, load up, drive back….  Not much of a “day off!”

I guess my point is this…I’m retired.  Yes, my day is full of “home” work, yard work, supervising children, and the like…but I can take a break when I want or need to.  I know there are a lot of us stay at home moms, and yes, we have our hands full with the needs of our families and every day life; but let’s not forget our husbands and the sacrifices they make for us on a daily basis as well!

Let’s show our husbands a little extra love and gratitude.  After all…they deserve it!