I don’t believe I have posted the following before.  It is from one of my inherited books.

Since Sunday is Father’s Day…I wanted to give honor and praise to the best Father of all-God Almighty!  Thank you Father, for always being here for me…for being my Shepherd …for being my all! -anita


My heart was just a wilderness,

Walled in with self and pride;

The brambles of deceit grew there,

And weeds on every side.


The gate was closed and tightly locked,

By Satan made secure;

For he was master of my heart,

His seeds he planted there.


And then came One who had a key,

The gate He opened wide;

The key was love; His fragrance filled

The garden like a tide.


For with His presence came the light,

And with His light came life;

A resurrection now began

To end despair and strife.


The walls of pride He now cast down,

He built there walls of grace;

Blossoms of hope spring all around

And flowers in every place.


And oh, this blessed Gardener,

How patiently He tills,

To make the soil more pliable,

To cure the many ills


He is the Water, Food, and Strength,

The Sun with its blest ray;

To this the garden of my heart

He is my all today.

Olga J. Weiss