This morning, I was up early, reading one of my old inherited books.  In it’s pages, I found this prayer.  I share it now with you.  -anita


“Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life…”  -John 14:6


To those who have tried and seemingly have failed,

Reach out, dear Lord, and comfort them today;

For those whose hope has dimmed, whose faith has paled,

Lift up some lighted heavenly torch, I pray.

They are so frightened, Lord; reach out a hand.

They are so hurt and helpless; be their friend.

Baffled and blind, they do not understand–

They think this dark and tangled road the end.


Oh, touch to flame their hope that has burned low,

And strike with fire faith’s ashes that are dead.

Let them walk proudly once again, and go

Seeking the sure and steadfast light ahead.

Help them to move among their fellow men

With courage to live, courage to try again.


Grace Noll Crowell -1877