This past week-end brought many opportunities to witness and share the Gospel.  I thought about writing of some of those experiences, but did not want to betray confidences; so I was unsure of what I should post today.  I pondered on this from the time I got up (5:15 a.m.) until this very minute (8:10 a.m.).  God whispered that I should go to my Promise Box…I obeyed, and drew two promises this morning.

“He that believeth on Him shall not be confounded.” -I Peter 2:6

The attached poem said this:

“The crowd of cares, the weightiest cross;

Seem trifles less than light,

Earth looks so little and so low,

When faith shines full and bright.” -Unknown


The other verse…

“We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.” -Romans 8:28

The prayer that followed that verse said this:

Dear Lord, as you give all on a day-to-day basis, help me to accept it in just that way…


Sometimes, when God directs me to witness…I KNOW exactly what I should say.  However, at other times,  a conversation is broached, and I am unsure of how to approach the subject of the Gospel.  Yesterday was one of those times.  But God knows my heart, and the hearts of those I was in conversation with.  He knows who is walking in darkness…desperately searching for the Truth; so of course…He led the subject matter in a certain direction, and opened the door for me to witness.

As I shared past experiences, I was reminded of “WHY” God lets us go through some things,  that at the time, we may not understand the reasoning behind it.  But, we must always remember that God not only sees today…but tomorrow…and the next day…and every day after that!  He knows when the experience you are going through today, will be recounted at a later date and it will be used for His Honor and Glory!  And that is exactly what happened yesterday!

Always trust Him…even when your situation is rough…He will work it all out for your good AND for the good of others that hear your story!  God never orchestrates bad things in our lives…but He does work them all out for our good!

Those heart-breaking, unbearable situations that I had suffered through years ago, were used yesterday, to introduce Heaven, and the ease of death IF you KNOW Jesus as your personal Savior!

A seed was planted…that is our job as Christians.  It’s up to God to bring it to harvest!