Since Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, I thought I would devote this week of blogs to mothers.  Some of the blogs will be spiritual…others will just be fun; but all mothers will be able to relate!

Children….say “Thank you!” to your moms…they do so much for you every day they’re alive!  Appreciate them while you still have them, for like beautiful flowers…they won’t last forever, although their memory will!

The following is from one of my cook books.  Enjoy!  -anita


Take four walls;

Add a floor that’s waxed.

Sprinkle lightly with small-boy tracks.


Cupboards and pans,

A refrigerator,

A sink, a stove and a percolator,

A table to rest your elbows on,

A kettle that sings

And a telephone.

Set a corner aside for a rocking chair

That you and a yellow cat can share.

Place an old stone jar on a window sill

For daisies or bittersweet to fill.

Arrange antiques on shelves, in nooks.

Leave room for dishes and recipe books.

Season with essence of new-baked bread,

Add hungry youngsters; keep well fed.

Mix cookies and milk as the need arises;

Have hot-dogs handy, for club day crises.

Sift and discard unessential chores;

Put worries to soak while you step out-of-doors.

As a final touch, for a perfect blend,

Garnish your kitchen with loving friends.


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