Here’s a really good one from Hard Times Ministries.  The title intrigued me to read on…I wondered what in the world it would say.  After reading this blog…I think the writer has it correct!  I believe that sometimes we try to witness in our own strength and the devil looks at us and says those exact words…”I know Jesus, and I know Paul…but who in the hell are you?” -anita



Acts 19:15

But one time when they tried it, the evil spirit replied, “I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who are you?”

In at least some ways, at times, we are the same way of the group that as charlatans went canvasing for the purpose of profit.  In a nutshell, their motives were wrong.

The part I really like about this scripture is that the demon ran out of the house and kicked the con-man’s ass.  Wouldn’t this be so very wonderful if it happened all across America to the many quakes that roam our great nation?

Really, often our motives are extremely amiss whenever either witnessing for God or even going to God in prayer.

At some point if we were to charge against the world, can you imagine the demons stalking out and addressing us?  “I know Jesus, and I know Paul, but who the hell are you?”

And the truth is unless our hearts were pure and unless our motives were true, we’d be every bit as bad as the sorcerer described in the Book of Acts.

There is no magic formula or magic bullet involved in being a Christian.  In fact, the most basic ingredient involved is possessing Faith in our Lord, Jesus in order to properly execute our mission in serving Him.

In fact, if we are doing it right, if our approach is correct, then we are not worried about the evil ploys of demons, but instead we are interested in engaging the children of God as ambassadors of His Church.

The answer then is no longer posed in a question. Instead of asking us who we are, we receive an affirmation of who we are as they know who we are for we have been in their midst.

The acuity of our deeds should indeed affirm WHO we are so that rather than a question, we are addressed with nothing but affirmations which are good.

T. F. Thompson- Hard Times Ministries