Here’s another one from Lee Pierce!  Enjoy! -anita



I read something disturbing this morning: I was called a “loser.” A person I highly respect, Dr. R. Albert Mohler Jr., was discussing the moral revolution in this country and he cited a stunning essay from a Harvard law professor, Mark Tushnet, who last year declared a total liberal victory in this so-called revolution. Tushnet claims that liberals firmly control almost every power base in our culture.

What shocked me the most was Tushnet’s unconciliatory stance in his blatantly high-handed pronouncement. His position: an ultimatum to the losing side in the culture conflict: “You lost, deal with it.” He goes on to say that liberals should take the hard line rather than be accommodating. Then the real shocker: “Trying to be nice to the losers didn’t work well after the Civil War… and taking a hard line seemed to work reasonably well in Germany and Japan after 1945.” Christians and conservatives are thrown into the same stew pot with the evil Axis Powers of WWII??!! I’m rather dumb-founded.

After I cooled down from reading this (some, but not much) I started to analyze this fellow’s position. First, is it true that the liberal position is dominant in our culture today? As has been talked about in this blog on prior occasions, while liberal positions have taken hold in the world, they certainly aren’t dominant or exclusive across the landscape. I also find Tusnet’s position, as a self-styled liberal spokesman, inconsistent with some traditional basic tenets of liberalism. One of these is tolerance: Whatever your stance is on moral cultural issues is fine for you, just don’t try to make it mine.

This whole issue is now prominent in the news. Just this morning, the newspapers reported that the Methodist Church high court has ruled that an openly gay woman is in violation of church policy and cannot continue as a bishop in the church. Regardless of where one might stand on the topic of LGBT in society or in the church, I was pleased that some authority had the backbone to stand up and say that gay ordination is contrary to Biblical teaching. I’ve read some news accounts on this woman, Rev. Oliveto, and she sounds like a very caring, committed servant within her church. And much loved. But, for me, her lifestyle is counter to what our Lord has taught and I must stay true to that. I have no doubt but that I would like her a lot as a person, but I can’t accept her as a leader in any church that I would attend. You have to draw the line somewhere and, for me, the Bible is a great place to start.

I actually got to a point where I managed to feel sorry for Mr. Tushnet. For him, life is a war and all about winning and losing. I have often found myself in the past viewing life in much the same way. “Them” versus “us.” I don’t like living life that way. It’s rather dehumanizing. “I’m a nice guy and you’re a jerk!” I guess I’ve learned over the years that I’m not such a nice guy; certainly not all the time. And as bad as I am, I believe with all my heart that God still loves me. To honor the Lord, the least I can do is love others who are made after His image just as am I.

The world isn’t bleak or vacant of hope, despite the fact that some elements of the liberal culture dictate are found profusely in the land. I need to remind myself that God is bigger than all of the somewhat misguided thoughts and conventions of the people He has created. And He is a God of great compassion. I’m thinking here of God’s actions regarding the Jonah story where he visits Nineveh in Assyria. Whereas Jonah is upset with God for sparing that great city of 120,000+ inhabitants, God says “… should I not have compassion on… [these] 120,000 persons….” [Jonah 4:11] Who’s to say what God might choose to do to (or for) all of the liberals (and conservatives) in the land. All of the people can have their say now but it’s God who will have the final say. He always does….

Lee Pierce