On Resurrection Sunday (Easter), our pastor wrote this short play and Sarah Roark acted it out.  It was amazing!  As a mother myself, I could feel the anguish of Mary as she watched her son…Gods Son, hang on the cross. The portrayal of Mary, I believe, was  accurate.   If you missed it…you missed a real blessing!  But, here is your chance to read it.  As you do, put yourself in Mary’s place; can you imagine seeing your child die?  Especially when you take into account the WAY He died, and the people He was dying for thought it was a joke.  Vulgar words were spat at Him, they cast lots for His clothes, they purposely  made Him hang naked – in humility before all to see….  Put yourself at the scene….  This will break your heart, and hopefully bring you closer to the Cross.  -anita



Blessed.  A short play by Daniel Leavitt

[no props or sets, maybe just a head covering, you can take a lot of time and go slowly, part of the anguish is reflected in the inability to put thoughts together. At times it should seem like you can’t find the words to say.]




She said I was so blessed among women? She said her own baby jumped in her belly when I walked into her house. Where is my cousin now? They killed her son first. And now my Son has been beaten and ripped apart.


How can I be blessed? This is more of a curse. They cheered You when You entered the city just a few days ago.. They shouted,  “Hosanna”  and waived branches. Everyone was so happy. I was happy and yet I will never forget the look on Your face. Were You crying? What did You know? Is this what You saw? Did You see those nails?


My Son, I hardly recognize You. You did nothing wrong, You healed so many people. They loved You when You fed them. Where are they now?   I saw blind people, people who could not even stand and You healed them.  Why did they whip You? You are bleeding so much!


People came from all over the world when You were born, even though we couldn’t find a place to stay. Where are they all now. Where are the kings and Wisemen?


John is here. He is true to You.  But… where is Peter? Where is Bartimeaus?


I will never forget when You taught the Rabbis, when You were a child. We were scared to death when we couldn’t find You. I think it was Passover, just like now, so many people in Jerusalem… and we finally found You in the Temple. Everyone was astonished by Your teaching from the Torah but your father and I were so upset with You. You said You were doing your Father’s work. We didn’t understand… I am so sorry…

Please come down…


Please!   Come down…


I am so glad that Jesus didn’t come down!  He died for me…for you.  WAS THAT THE END? ……………………. NO!  Three days later, He was resurrected!  IT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING OF OUR SALVATION!  -anita



Written by: Daniel Leavitt

Performed by:  Sarah Roark

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