Here’s a good on by Ben Murray.  Enjoy! -anita


Mighty Creator,

As we look throughout the Scriptures,

we see odd and magnificent creatures.

These creatures are spiritual beings

And their sole duty is obedience.

They are almost incalculable in name,

In duty, and in religious fame,

Yet their sole joy is in humble service.

How magnificent to see this perseverance.

A perseverance since the day of their creation;

A diligence that is without cessation.

Yet why would any of them rebel?

Surely eternity with You is better than Hell!

How could these beautiful creatures fall

And roam about opposing your purposes in all?

They had the choice to sing “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

But some determined to oppose You fully.

They know full of your great might

Yet each and every command of yours they fight.

Satan and his innumerable grotesque horde

Causes in us fear, confusion, and discord.

But all of this gives an even greater question.

Is it the path of obedience or rebellion

That we walk each and every day?

Today we gather, repent, and pray

That You would let us decide worship

With those angels with the blessed lip

That gets to cry “Holy, Holy, Holy!”

May we be determined to obey you fully.

And may each and every choice made

Be one that shows that your glories never fade.

Ben Murray