“I am come a light into the world, that whosoever believeth on me should not abide in darkness.”  -John 12:46


I think the above verse has a double meaning.  First of all, the verse is speaking to the lost…those that have yet to find the Savior.

When Jesus came into the world, on that night so long ago in Bethlehem, a star shone over the place where He lay-to light the way…to show the path to all who would seek Him.

He lived among us, performing miracles and wonders-showing…proving that He was indeed the Son of God.

When He died on the cross, with the thunder rolling, and the lightening flashing-hanging there, between heaven and earth…He was a beacon…a lighthouse to all that saw Him.  There was no doubt then, that He was who He claimed to be!

But, I believe the verse has yet another meaning.  This verse is not just for the lost who seek Him, but also for the Believer.

How many times do we as Believers forget our standing with God?  I know for myself, I forget momentarily on a daily basis!  Things get out of hand…something bad, or unforeseen takes place, and I begin to panic.  Oh…don’t go looking at me like you’re holier than I am!  Even Peter panicked when he was walking on the water to meet Jesus.  As long as he kept his eyes on the Lord, he was fine…but when he looked at his circumstances-he began to sink.

When we take our eyes off of Jesus…we begin to walk in the darkness of this world.  The word, abide means, “to live in”.  How many of us live in fear?  Fear of not being able to pay our bills.  Fear of being a bad parent.  Fear of being alone.  Fear of sickness.  Fear of disease.  Fear of death.

I believe we all are guilty of fearing something in our lives, but Jesus said if we believe ON Him…we do not have to live in the darkness that fear brings!  You see, there is a difference in believing IN Jesus, and believing ON Jesus.  Many people believe IN Jesus.  The Bible says that the devil himself believes IN Jesus, and he knows His power, and it makes him tremble;  but when you believe ON Jesus, that means you put your full trust in Him.  You realize that He is the Light to illuminate your dark times and guide you down the dark path of life.

So today, if your going through something in your life, and your path seems dark and fearful…BELIEVE ON HIM, trust Him to guide you through the dark, keep a hold of His hand…and fear not!

“Oh God, thank you for salvation through Jesus Christ.  Draw me closer to you, and help me to trust you always, especially in times of trouble!”


John 12