We Dine Together

I saw the following post on Fat Beggars School of Prophets.  This is really good! I’m with the newscaster…we adults could learn a lot from these young kids!  Take a look! -anita


Tonight’s CBS Evening News wrapped up with a cool story from their “On The Road” series with Steve Hartman.  One high school student in Florida saw that eating alone at school is deadly to the soul, so he started a club for students to seek out those lonely solitaires and join them for lunch.  Wow!  Some of the kids interviewed were moved to tears.

I sensed this story was important to share here.  Hartman makes no mention of Jesus or serving God with this mission, and yet it resonates with Americans far and wide on a spiritual level.  I really hate for my Christian friends, so often caught up in concerns for trying to be “relevant”, to miss this.  So, I share it, yet I think this is a parody of my post on POWER LUNCHES just a few days ago.

Nevertheless, I hope you will look at it and consider how it serves Jesus.  I hope you see at least one aspect of what Fat Beggars School of Prophets is doing while you are moved to tears watching it.

Please check out the video clip on the link: