Daniel: Brush With Greatness, by Daniel Leavitt

Daniel: Brush With Greatness,  by Daniel Leavitt


Character before prophecy.


Psalm 119The Message (MSG)

119 1-8 You’re blessed when you stay on course,
walking steadily on the road revealed by God.
You’re blessed when you follow his directions,
doing your best to find him.
That’s right—you don’t go off on your own;
you walk straight along the road he set.
You, God, prescribed the right way to live;
now you expect us to live it.
Oh, that my steps might be steady,
keeping to the course you set;
Then I’d never have any regrets
in comparing my life with your counsel.
I thank you for speaking straight from your heart;
I learn the pattern of your righteous ways.
I’m going to do what you tell me to do;
don’t ever walk off and leave me.


Does Every One Have a Price?


Adam compromised God’s law, followed his wife’s sin and lost paradise. Abraham compromised the truth, lied about Sarah and nearly lost his wife. Sarah compromised God’s word, sent Abraham to Hagar who bore Ishmael and lost peace in the Middle East ever since.

Esau compromised for a meal with Jacob and lost his birthright; Saul compromised the divine word, kept the animals and lost the royal seed. Aaron compromised his convictions about idolatry and he and the people lost the privilege of the Promised Land.

Samson compromised righteous devotion as a Nazarite with Delilah, lost his strength, lost his eyes and lost his life.

Israel compromised the commands of the Lord, lived in sin and went fighting with the Philistines, lost God.

David compromised the divine moral standard and adulterated Bathsheba, murdered Uriah and lost his child.

Solomon compromised his convictions, married foreign wives and lost the whole kingdom. Ahab compromised married Jezebel and lost his throne.

Israel compromised the law of God, entered the sin and idolatry and lost their homeland. Peter compromised his convictions about Christ, denied him and lost his joy. Peter compromised the truth of the one church for acceptance with the Judaizers and lost his liberty.

Annanias and Saphira compromised their word about giving life to the Holy Spirit and lost their lives.

Judas compromised his opportunity and supposed love for Christ for 30 pieces of silver and forever lost his soul.


There are some we remember them well who didn’t compromise, Moses before Pharaoh, David many times, Paul before Felix, Festus and Agrippa, but no-one is a better illustration of an uncompromising light then Daniel. He provides for us the clearest illustration of what it is to live without compromise. Let’s look at Daniel, Chapter 1 in our Bibles, and just glimpse the uncompromising life of this amazing young man




Daniel 1The Message (MSG)

Daniel Was Gifted by God

1 1-2 It was the third year of King Jehoiakim’s reign in Judah when King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon declared war on Jerusalem and besieged the city. The Master handed King Jehoiakim of Judah over to him, along with some of the furnishings from the Temple of God. Nebuchadnezzar took king and furnishings to the country of Babylon, the ancient Shinar. He put the furnishings in the sacred treasury.


3-5 The king told Ashpenaz, head of the palace staff, to get some Israelites from the royal family and nobility—young men who were healthy and handsome, intelligent and well-educated, good prospects for leadership positions in the government, perfect specimens!—and indoctrinate them in the Babylonian language and the lore of magic and fortunetelling. The king then ordered that they be served from the same menu as the royal table—the best food, the finest wine. After three years of training they would be given positions in the king’s court.


6-7 Four young men from Judah—Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah—were among those selected. The head of the palace staff gave them Babylonian names: Daniel was named Belteshazzar, Hananiah was named Shadrach, Mishael was named Meshach , Azariah was named Abednego.


Revelation 2:17

‘He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches To him who overcomes, to him I will give some of the hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, and a new name written on the stone which no one knows but he who receives it.’


8-10 But Daniel determined that he would not defile himself by eating the king’s food or drinking his wine, so he asked the head of the palace staff to exempt him from the royal diet. The head of the palace staff, by God’s grace, liked Daniel, but he warned him, “I’m afraid of what my master the king will do. He is the one who assigned this diet and if he sees that you are not as healthy as the rest, he’ll have my head!”


James 1:27 (MSG)

26-27 Anyone who sets himself up as “religious” by talking a good game is self-deceived. This kind of religion is hot air and only hot air. Real religion, the kind that passes muster before God the Father, is this: Reach out to the homeless and loveless in their plight, and guard against corruption from the godless world.


11-13 But Daniel appealed to a steward who had been assigned by the head of the palace staff to be in charge of Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah: “Try us out for ten days on a simple diet of vegetables and water. Then compare us with the young men who eat from the royal menu. Make your decision on the basis of what you see.”


14-16 The steward agreed to do it and fed them vegetables and water for ten days. At the end of the ten days they looked better and more robust than all the others who had been eating from the royal menu. So the steward continued to exempt them from the royal menu of food and drink and served them only vegetables.


17-19 God gave these four young men knowledge and skill in both books and life. In addition, Daniel was gifted in understanding all sorts of visions and dreams. At the end of the time set by the king for their training, the head of the royal staff brought them in to Nebuchadnezzar. When the king interviewed them, he found them far superior to all the other young men. None were a match for Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah.


Living Above Average

Psalm 119:46  King James Version

I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed.


What are the Neigh sayers saying?

King Nebuchadnezzar

Daniel 4:34-37The Message (MSG)

 “At the end of the seven years, I, Nebuchadnezzar, looked to heaven. I was given my mind back and I blessed the High God, thanking and glorifying God, who lives forever:


“His sovereign rule lasts and lasts,

    his kingdom never declines and falls.

Life on this earth doesn’t add up to much,

    but God’s heavenly army keeps everything going.

No one can interrupt his work,

    no one can call his rule into question.

36-37 “At the same time that I was given back my mind, I was also given back my majesty and splendor, making my kingdom shine. All the leaders and important people came looking for me. I was reestablished as king in my kingdom and became greater than ever. And that’s why I’m singing—I, Nebuchadnezzar—singing and praising the King of Heaven:


“Everything he does is right,

    and he does it the right way.

He knows how to turn a proud person

    into a humble man or woman.”


Darius the Persian

24 Then the king commanded that the conspirators who had informed on Daniel be thrown into the lions’ den, along with their wives and children. Before they hit the floor, the lions had them in their jaws, tearing them to pieces.


25-27 King Darius published this proclamation to every race, color, and creed on earth:


Peace to you! Abundant peace!

    I decree that Daniel’s God shall be worshiped and feared in all parts of my kingdom.

    He is the living God, world without end. His kingdom never falls.

    His rule continues eternally.

    He is a savior and rescuer.

    He performs astonishing miracles in heaven and on earth.

    He saved Daniel from the power of the lions.

28 From then on, Daniel was treated well during the reign of Darius, and also in the following reign of Cyrus the Persian.



19-20 And so they took their place in the king’s service. Whenever the king consulted them on anything, on books or on life, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his kingdom put together.


21 Daniel continued in the king’s service until the first year in the reign of King Cyrus.





Maewyn Succat


The Prayer of St. Patrick

– Anonymous


I arise today

Through the strength of heaven;

I arise today

Through God’s strength to pilot me;

God’s might to uphold me,

God’s wisdom to guide me,

God’s eye to look before me,

God’s ear to hear me,

God’s word to speak for me,

God’s hand to guard me,

God’s way to lie before me,

God’s shield to protect me,

God’s hosts to save me

Afar and anear,

Alone or in a mulitude.

Christ shield me today

Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,

Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,

Christ on my right, Christ on my left,

Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,

Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,

Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,

Christ in the eye that sees me,

Christ in the ear that hears me.


I arise today

Through the mighty strength

Of the Lord of creation.


An uncompromising faith

  1. Maintains your integrity
  2. Ignites your passion for God
  3. Reduces your corruption
  4. Spreads your influence
  5. Can change the world

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