Here’s a little quiz I found in a magazine called, “Beyond Today.”  Since it’s almost Easter time, let’s see how much you REALLY know about the Real Easter Story… -anita


How much do you know about the origin of Easter and its popular customs?  Take the following short quiz to assess your knowledge…

  1. True or False:  Easter didn’t originate with Jesus Christ’s resurrection, but had been celebrated for many centuries prior.
  2.  True or False:  Rabbits and eggs have nothing to do with Christ’s resurrection, but are holdovers from ancient spring fertility celebrations.
  3.  True or False: Easter gets its name from an ancient fertility goddess.
  4.  True or False:  Pagans celebrated the supposed resurrection of their false gods in the springtime many centuries before Jesus Christ.
  5.  True or False:  The word Easter appears only once in the King James Bible-and that one time is a mistranslation of the Greek word for Passover.
  6.  True or False:  Neither the apostles nor other members of the early Church celebrated Easter.
  7.  True or False:  Celebrations such as Easter are condemned in the Bible


The correct answer to all of the above questions is true.  Check it out and verify these answers by looking through good encyclopedias.  

Too many people go through life thinking they are honoring Jesus Christ through popular celebrations such as Easter.  But before you celebrate Easter again, consider what Jesus Himself thinks about this holiday!

By:  Beyond Today magazine

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